Thank you for dropping by. You might have noticed the site is looking a little barren at the moment – sorry about that! I’ll have more content up here shortly; please check back soon.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. My name is Paul and I’m in the process of migrating almost all my social media (except for Twitter) across to this blog. It’s a slow process for me in amongst all my other commitments at the moment.

I’ve just transitioned to WordPress.com for this blog as well, so there’s a bit of an adjustment phase as I get used to a different platform.

Why WordPress.com?

  • I used to host my own site, originally on dedicated server hardware. It was expensive and took a lot of time to maintain.
  • I transitioned it to a Virtual Private Server. Cheaper, but still took a lot of time.
  • I then transitioned to a web hosting company. Cheaper again, and they managed the infrastructure, but I was still responsible for the software running on the site.
  • WordPress.com maintain the infrastructure, and they maintain the software as well.
  • They’re big. Reliability is, by virtue of being a larger entity with dependants, going to be better than most other options.
  • It’s the cheapest option, and I don’t have to compromise on too much.

Thanks for stopping by; please check back soon!